Blogs and The Final Exam

"So, we don't really need to study for it, do we?" This was one of the responses made after I announced to my students that their exam is going to have a different format this term, that it is going to be based on the writing that took place in the class blogosphere - on ideas that they themselves have generated. (See previous entry).

My first reaction was not a positive one. After all, teachers don't want to have their curriculum summarized as something that the students "don't really need to study for." I took a deep breath and said:

"Hmmm... Why not?"

"Well," he continued, "it's not like I need to memorize definitions. It's more about ideas and how we can present them and support what we're saying."

"Yes," I said. Clearly, he did not mean to imply that what we have been doing this year is not worthy of a serious review. Somewhat reassured, I told the class that they will be expected to show familiarity with the content of the blogosphere - all the texts that they have contributed, the comments, the discussions that they engaged in. Then, I heard the following:

"So, we've been getting ready for this ever since we started writing online."

"It's like we've written what we're going to be tested on."