Podcasts on Youth Development

Last week, I published the 25th issue of Youth Development Today. The issue features a collection of podcasts that continue to inspire me and enrich my understanding of youth development.

I featured individual episodes in the newsletter, but it’s the ongoing efforts of the organizations that publish the podcasts that should also be highlighted. Some publish regularly and are quite prolific. Others publish less frequently or have started recently. Regardless of the frequency or level of experience, all of the podcasts are worth your time if you’re interested in research and emerging professional knowledge on positive youth development and effective teaching and learning.

If you’d like to take a closer look and listen to some of the podcasts, you can find the current issue of the newsletter here. The newsletter is free and arrives in your mailbox every month, with the exception of July and August. Interested? Consider subscribing.

Are They Enjoying the Journey?

If you work with youth, manage youth programs, or research youth development, this short report is well worth your time. It effectively summarizes existing research on brain development, explains how emotions and relationships support learning, and connects research findings to education and practical work with youth in ways that encourage deep reflection.

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