Thank You!

First of all, a big THANK YOU to all who voted for this blog in this year's Edublog Awards! I did not expect to win at all. In fact, I almost ended up not tuning in to the webcast and wanted to check the results later. Needless to say, it was a huge surprise. The exceptional quality of the other blogs nominated in my categories is truly impressive and it was an honour to be shortlisted with them, not to mention actually win. So, I would like to thank Anne, Clarence, the Flosse Posse, Jeremy, Stuart, Gardner, Jo, and Bob. As someone who is currently working on a thesis, I also enjoy reading Adventures of the 14 day thesis. You have all been an inspiration. Many of your thoughts have been printed out and highlighted. They are making my graduate journey easier and keep inspiring me on a daily basis.

I also want to congratulate all the other nominees and winners. You are all in my aggregator and your ideas keep me focused.

As I mentioned to Josie during the post-awards party, this event has done much to solidify the edublogging community. Yes, we are all very virtual to one another but it now feels that we've become a very tangible entity. This is great news indeed. Thanks, Josie, for your efforts! It was a pleasure talking to you and your team today!