I found the following passage in Marshall McLuhan's The Medium is the Massage:

The young today live mythically and in depth. But they encounter instruction in situations organized by means of classified information ... Many of our institutions suppress all the natural direct experience of youth, who respond with untaught delight to the poetry and the beauty of the new technological environment, the environment of popular culture. It could be their door to all past achievement if studied as an active (and not necessarily benign) force.

The student finds no means of involvement for himself and cannot discover how the educational scheme relates to his mythic world of electronically processed data and experience [...]

The classroom is now in a vital struggle for survival with the immensely persuasive "outside" world created by new informational media. Education must shift from instruction, from imposing of stencils, to discovery - to probing and exploration and to the recognition of the language of forms.

McLuhan published these words in 1967. It's been almost forty years and, frankly, we are still for the most part in the business of imposing stencils.